Fantasy Sports You Can Play All Year Long

Fantasy sports are games in which people put together imaginary teams of real players in a professional sport. The owner of a fantasy sports team takes control of all of the aspects necessary for managing a successful team, from making trades with other participants, to deciding which players should take the field or sit on the bench. Millions of men and women participate in fantasy leagues of all sports, including basketball, baseball, and soccer, though fantasy football is one of the most popular in the world.

Our 5 Favorite Online Game Sites

If you wanted to spend a great deal of money playing a game, you'd purchase a video game. When you simply want to spend a few leisurely hours playing point and click games, you want to visit free online game sites. Whether you love word games, logic games, or simply tile swapping games, there are a host of free online games that will meet your gaming needs without requiring you to pull out your credit card every time you want to play.

How to Restart Your Life at a Wellness Retreat

There are a huge variety of wellness retreats. These are usually all inclusive vacation packages. Destinations are worldwide, so you can choose the type of atmosphere you like best. Some offer luxury accommodations with spa treatments and overall wellness activities. Others offer packages where guests can lose weight while being pampered in a vacation atmosphere. Still others offer yoga, aqua therapy, horse riding, and fitness centers. Overall, wellness retreats help a person to relax and generally feel healthy, so they are able to return to their everyday life with a fresh start.

5 Disney Vacation Packages You May Not Know About

A Disney vacation is the vacation of any child's dreams -- and many parents dream about that vacation, too! There's something for everyone in the vast array of Disney parks. Trying to set money aside for that vacation, however, can turn that dream into a nightmare. Check out this selection of Disney vacation deals to discover how to make your Disney vacation a reality without breaking the bank -- and to save a little extra money for the fun things you'll do on vacation.