Top 5 Prepaid Credit and Debit Card Options

Anyone who is just starting out may have a hard time getting a regular credit card. Additionally, some people find that they cannot control themselves with a regular credit or debit card. A pre-paid credit or debit card may be the answer. With this type of card, you pay ahead of time for the card. You then have that set amount of money to spend on purchases. You do not have to meet income qualification rules to get this type of card. In addition, you cannot spend more than you have, because the card will be rejected if the money is not available in the account.

401K Loans: The Risks and Benefits

One typically has a 401K account as savings for retirement. Taking out a 401k loan is generally not a good idea. Most people do not have enough money saved for retirement and need the 401K savings. Taking out a 401K loan will result in you earning less on the money left in the account. One usually counts on the earnings from interest to help fund their retirement years. One should generally try to find any other way of getting money than taking out a 401k loan. It is a risky move that often does not pay off.