There are a huge variety of job options. Depending on the type of training you have, you can qualify for different jobs. Even if you have no training at all, some employers are willing to train an applicant who appears to be hard working. Job options open up when you get experience in a particular field. It is also helpful to have some sort of education. You can get educated to do a particular job by going to a vocational or trade school, college, or specialty school.


If you are in your thirties or forties and are contemplating a career change, then you are part of a large demographic of people who are thinking about making a change. While it is always beneficial attend college and pick a career choice early on, many people decide to switch gears later on in life and do something different. The reason for this varies. Some people start a family of their own and realize with children, they want something more flexible. Maybe you cannot afford the house you want and want to find a career that is more lucrative.

It seems that all types of jobs have their pros and cons, but there are actually career choices that give you it all. If you are thinking of a career change, there are some great options to consider.


You might currently be working in a field that is completely opposite from something like accounting but if you were always good with numbers, this might be a great new job opportunity for you. Not to mention, the field of accounting and other related finance jobs are very profitable and there is a high level of security involved with them.

You can find a job opportunity in a smaller business atmosphere that is looking for someone to manage all of the financial information for them, or you can work for a larger corporation that has a number of accountants and financial professionals on hand. Depending on what type of education you currently have, you may have to go back to the classroom for a bit to get your accounting degree. Luckily, you can participate in a two year or four year degree depending on what type of career you are looking for. If you want to further your education and get your master’s degree, this is an option as well, but not necessary.

Project Management

Your current position might not be in the management sector of your company but maybe management is something you would like to consider. If you are good at keeping your work organized and you are able to meet deadlines, you might want to consider moving into management for a career change. If you would like to manage within the field you are currently working in, then you won’t have to seek out new college classes. Expect to do less of the intricate work in your office and expect to work more managing the people who are going to get the work done.

If you are good with people and can easily talk with all types, you can utilize your skills and experience to get into management; which also pays quite well. Project management jobs are in all fields, across the board. Healthcare, finance, retail and many more field utilize project managers to increase levels of productivity and get jobs done.

Information Technology

With the ever increasing use and popularity of the Internet, information technology is a great place to work. In this field you will need some form of a computer engineering or computer science degree, but chances are, once you achieve this education you will be able to stay within the field or company that you are already working in. Most companies utilize the services of computer professionals to manage their network, website, programs, software, data and more.

You can be as involved in this career field as you want. For example, you can simply help process and backup data, or you can learn to program and create processes that will be used throughout the company. This is a field of work that allows you to be creative on a daily basis and learn new things as technology evolves.

Physical Therapy

This is a great next step with your career if you are fitness savvy and maybe working in the healthcare or fitness industries already. Personal trainers, nurses and even gym teachers might want to head back to the classroom to learn how to help rehabilitate patients and get them back on their feet.

Whether your patient is recovering from surgery, is elderly or has sustained a medical emergency that has decreased their quality of function, physical therapy gives you the option to help people improve their quality of life. It is a rewarding career change and also, you can find a job in a number of settings depending on what you are looking for. Physical therapists work in hospitals, private practices, in home care and much more.


So many professionals leave their current jobs to get their foot in the door with the medical field. Frequently it has to do with finding a job that is more meaningful and nursing is a great way to help people and get some experience in the medical field.

There are a number of different nursing programs that you can participate in. A two year degree will allow you to work as an aide. You can either stay at this position or continue your education to achieve your degree as a registered nurse. Positions vary in hospitals, medical offices, dentist’s offices, surgeon’s departments, nursing homes, in home care, OBGYN offices and much more. The schedule is very flexible as you can work nights or during the day and there is often the option for overtime so the pay can be very lucrative.

There is no better time than right now to consider what your strengths and weaknesses are as a professional and look into new career choices. You might need to head back to school or you might be able to utilize your current job experience. Either way, a career change can bring you the newfound excitement that you are looking for with your job.

The great thing about switching jobs is that since you have already worked in a field of some sort, you know what you have to offer as an employee. Utilize that information to pick the new types of jobs that you will flourish in. It is never too late to make a change.