The advantages of working at home run the gamut from more family time and greater job satisfaction to numerous tax write-offs. Individuals from any background can work from home, whether they’re just starting their careers, lost jobs or recently retired from corporate America. The key to success is selling a product or service that’s in high demand. This can include extending a hobby into a career, finding a saleable product from a wholesaler or transferring expertise or education in a particular field to a home business.


With the rise of the Internet, it has become much easier to earn a living working from home. There are many advantages to this, from not having to spend money on work clothes and transportation costs to being able to keep your children company rather than hiring a babysitter. You can also avoid the interpersonal drama that often comes with office jobs. T

he more technologically connected the world gets, the more possibilities open up for work-from-home jobs that generate significant income. Even jobs that are not primarily Internet-based can benefit from an online presence for the purpose of advertising. If working from home is an option that appeals to you, consider some of the following possibilities for your next career.

Sell Items Through Online Retailing

If you have a knack for creating crafts, you can make a bundle by opening up a shop on one of the Internet’s many homemade craft sites. Try to come up with a niche by creating something unique that doesn’t already exist on the market and use social media to promote your work. You can spend your days at home making beautiful gifts for other people to enjoy and be paid accordingly for them.

Another option along these lines is to sell items at online auction sites. If you have an eye for a bargain, you can go to local yard sales, rummage sales and thrift stores and collect goods at rock-bottom prices, then sell them through the Internet for a profit. In order to be successful at this, you should do some research to get a better sense of what is selling and for how much. Some people have made a very handsome living by selling ordinary items and collectibles online.

Set Up a Daycare Center

One excellent way to earn money without leaving the house is to establish your home as a daycare center. You will need proper certifications and clearances to do this, but it could be an ideal option if you have experience in this area and young children of your own that you want to stay home with anyway. You will need to take significant measures to ensure that your home is safe for any children who may be under your care, and you may want to find a couple other people who can work with you in your endeavor.

Decide how many children you can reasonably supervise on a given day and make sure that you don’t overbook yourself. When you’re just starting this business, try to get parents you already know to enroll their kids. Use e-mail and social media to make all of your friends aware of what you are doing. This will help you to feel more comfortable and be able to tailor the program to the needs of these children. As you become more experienced, you can expand your business with more activities and toys to keep the kids entertained. If you love working with children, this is an excellent work-from-home career.

Write Freelance Articles Online

Writers have many different online outlets that they can explore. If creative writing is where your interest lies, try finding a magazine or website with an online submission process. There are hundreds of publishers that accept unsolicited manuscripts from authors, even if they have never been published before.

Another great outlet is newspapers, especially local ones. The first place to inquire would be your own town or city’s newspaper (or newspapers). If you present yourself well and offer evidence that you are a skilled writer, you could easily find yourself writing an article or two, and that initial assignment could turn into something much larger once the editor builds up trust in you.

Another very popular source of online writing income is content writing. There are many sites through which you can accept assignments placed by others, with the understanding that once you have completed each article and been paid for it, you no longer have any rights to it. Typically, these sites are low-paying, but work is often abundantly available, so if you have a strong work ethic and are able to write speedily, this type of writing can be a lucrative source of income.

You can also skip the middle man and try your own hand at blogging, which has the potential to generate passive income through online advertisements. While it is great to see that money collect on writing that has been online for years, you need to commit to writing regularly in order to keep your readership up, and you also need to find a specialized subject so that people will find your blog and continue to read it. Even with those factors in place, many blogs never earn money.

Do Phone-Related Jobs From Home

There are a number of jobs that you can do that require the use of the phone. For instance, there are many transcription services that involve you listening to a message and then typing it out so that it can be easily read. For these kinds of jobs, you will need a quiet house, so you probably won’t be able to do them if you have young children at home.

Other phone-related jobs include help line and catalog positions. Instead of going to a call center and working there, you can do the same job from home. Again, you will need a space set up as an office that is away from noise and distractions, and usually, you will need to commit to working certain shifts and staying in the same place during those hours. These jobs can be ideal if you are hoping to pick up a little extra money for the holidays.

Offer Tutoring or Teaching to Students

There are several tutoring sites online that will match you up with students who are struggling in subjects in which you excel. For instance, if you have an expertise in English literature, you can make yourself available for a certain number of after-school hours each week and help high school or college students study for upcoming tests or prepare term papers. These meetings generally occur via chat rooms. While it is important to let the student actually do the work, this is a wonderful way to use your knowledge for good without needing to leave the house.

Another way to share your expertise is to invite students into your home. If you have a specialized kind of knowledge, such as playing a musical instrument or mastering an artistic technique, you can offer private lessons and charge by the half-hour or hour. You can also invite students into your home for tutoring sessions. Doing it in person is helpful because you can both look at an assignment together without having to use the computer as an intermediary. For private lessons and tutoring, social media can be very helpful for getting the word out about your services.

These are just a few options that are open to you as an entrepreneur who wants to find a way of making money from home. Whether the intention is to supplement existing income or serve as a full income, you can find an opportunity that is suited to your unique talents and interests. As long as you have the discipline and motivation to keep yourself working every day, working from home can be an excellent way to save money and reduce stress.